Lightness cannot exist without darkness. 

Similarly, there’s no wellness without illness.

Our hyper-drive, biohacking, mindset-adoring, cold-plunging, sauna-bathing society seems to consider any evaluation other than a 10/10 as an admittance of not trying hard enough.

But at its very essence, we can’t consistently be well. The pendulum of holistic prosperity will careen from one side to the other in a foolhardy attempt at equilibrium.

In order to step forwards towards contentment, we have to accept this. 

Life’s duality provides balance like the wings of a butterfly.

Joy is grounded by pain.

Momentum is bolstered by stasis.

A frenzied focus on wellness can mess us up. Stay in the ice bath too long and you’ll freeze to death.

The ridiculous, filmic contradictions inherent within life are what make it so wonderful. A two-day visit to a festival is a Bacchanalia; spend a fortnight there and you risk becoming the newest member in the 911 reunion tour.

The duality of life doesn’t suggest a “one foot in, one foot out,” approach. No, not to us at least. It’s not neither, it’s both. 

We can be well, and ill, simultaneously. We can roar out a belly laugh during a period of mourning… neither emotion cancels out the other.

Duality is the concomitant existence of the light and heavy.

Whilst a little perplexing, the acknowledgement of this is the route through the weeds.

Humdrum forms of wellness are far more potent than we deign to admit. 

The long distances, max weights and awards are always commended over the stuttering pleasure that emerges from the swig of your hot brew on an overcast Sunday morning. 

Julia Cameron says, sure, you can pray to catch the bus. But you still have to run as fast as you can, when it turns the corner.

Intention without action is folly.

If you’re struggling right now, the chances are that you’re out of sync with the duality of life. You’re missing balance – take a moment to locate the lopsidedness.

One of your wings is weaker than the other. That explains the descent.

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