Plot twists,
gear-changes and break throughs

Change is something we all go through. Universal yet unique.

Delve into individual stories of change, from the why to the when to the how. Read more about inspiring trail-blazers and rebels; change stories, the curious psychology of change and the mysterious impact of being 29...

Luvvie Ajayi Jones isn't afraid to speak her mind or to be the one dissenting voice in a crowd, and neither should you. "Your silence serves no one," says the writer, activist and self-proclaimed professional troublemaker. In this bright, uplifting talk, Ajayi Jones shares three questions to ask yourself if you're teetering on the edge of speaking up or quieting down -- and encourages all of us to get a little more comfortable with being uncomfortable.
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One of the things an infinite mindset provides is a calm confidence. Those of us who embrace an infinite mindset can actually come out of hard times better off than when we entered which is handy when change is infinite too.
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