There is nothing
permanent except change.

- Heraclitus
We believe in now not forever.

Most supplement brands trade on us staying the same, making us believe that we always need them.

But we know that life is defined by change, and what serves you one year, won’t the next.

Almost 2/3 of UK adults take supplements, yet with healthy balanced diet and a bit of sun, most of us shouldn’t need them long-term.

That’s why our aim is to help you in your defining moments – and then step aside and let you do you.

Here for a moment in time.

During times of change, our bodies, brains and spirits experience a unique stress that affects our immunity, focus and energy. This temporary stress is when supplements become crucial. Keeping the immune system strong, energy levels steady and the ability to focus high helps us to weather the turbulence of change and emerge primed for the next chapter.

ZAAG has been expertly formulated with 29 of the highest quality vitamins, nootropics and adaptogens to give you maximum support for the period when you need it most.

The brains behind zaag

Adam Thompson

Adam has always been fascinated by the notion that the only constant in life is change. His journey from investment banking to leading one of the country’s most successful grocery start-ups; via Mumbai and Copenhagen; and through a hardcore paleo diet to plant-based and back to somewhere in between is testament to that. Noticing that change is universal and impacts every area of life, Adam was surprised that no brand really focuses on it, so began to explore what that meant for wellness.

“I know for myself that when life is flowing well, and there aren’t any major projects on the pad, I can manage my wellbeing pretty well. But throw some hurdles or cross-roads in the mix, and your body, mind and energy can start to suffer. That can make it difficult to fully migrate into the lifestyle you want, or rise to the challenge of the next life chapter. I wanted to create a supplement that helps people to perform at their best despite whatever life is throwing at. you."

Unlike others, Adam has an unwavering commitment to quality and detail. The sensational taste of ZAAG was designed to take the chore out of supplements, and a one-off delivery of a 6-month supply means people are free to get on with life, without worrying about ‘wellness admin’.

Alongside world leading specialists, Adam has created an unparalleled formulation with the highest quality ingredients from the best sources and in the most therapeutic doses; meaning every hit of ZAAG has a significant impact on the stressors associated with change.

The question that drives him:
“What would the world be like if everyone was getting what they really needed, when they most needed it?”

Performance Nutritionist

Liam is our performance nutritionist, the owner of pHNutrition, the Nutritionist for Celtic Football Club and a registered member of the Sport and Exercise Nutrition register.

With over a decade of hands-on practice working with Tottenham Hotspur, FC Copenhagen, the
Republic of Ireland National Football team and Fulham FC, he’s well placed to understand the importance of nutrition on performance. 

More recently with pHNutrition he has understood the challenges of optimising nutrition across a wide section of society and developed plans for some of the countries top
crossfit athletes and stars.

Liam’s ethos is all about simplifying nutrition in order to make optimal performance as achievable as possible. 

He makes sure ZAAG keeps things proven, effective and simple and his mission, in tandem with ours, is
to provide potent ways to improve your wellness without the need for umpteen pills or confusing literature.

We're for the life curious

Driven by our own questions, decisions and ambitions, big changes often happen around age 29. Statistically speaking, the final year in any decade is a time when we’re more likely to take on a new challenge (like running a marathon for the first time), begin a new life chapter (like starting a business) or reassess lifestyle choices (like going plant-based or re-setting after burn out).

Sound familiar? You're not alone...

As we get absorbed by the changes happening on the outside, we forget to take care of the inside. That's where we come in.