There is nothing permanent except change


Hey, I’m Adam, the founder of ZAAG. I pushed myself so hard in life that I arrived at the dreaded destination all optimists fear: BURNOUT.

My career was accelerating quickly. I worked across many roles and countries. This resulted in me leading one of the UK’s fastest growing start-ups – simultaneously, I was competing in national level sport.

Everything was go, go, go: business, fitness, relationships, travelling, family… you know how it is.

Safe to say, there was a lot going on. So, when the opportunity to take a sabbatical and go surfing came up I said yes, without hesitation.

But as I landed in ‘paradise’, I found myself lethargic and disinterested in everything I used to love.

I stumbled around trying to understand what was going on, before being told that I was indeed burnt out. I stuck my head in the ground for a while until one explanation of my situation resonated: the general adaptation syndrome.

The solution of supplementing my diet with a protocol of pills didn’t cut it. I knew taking 15 different pills every day wouldn’t be sustainable for me and that I didn’t have the time to wait to see an effect.

I turned to multivitamins as a simpler remedy, but… I’m a cynical soul who questioned everything about them and wondered why they never felt like they were working.

My aha moment arrived when I understood two critical factors: dosage and absorption.

Pills are limited by their size, meaning that they can only hold about 1.6 grams of ingredients. And absorption rates for pills can be as low as 8%. That’s why most companies say it’ll take between 1-3 months to feel a difference…

On the other hand, some studies suggest that liquids have an absorption rate of up to 98% – plus, there’s no limit on their size.

Surely, therefore, if I found a way to provide my body with high dose supplementation, in a liquid form, it’d make a dramatic change?

As every good business story goes, I looked for a product that fit the bill. When I couldn’t find one, I decided to make it myself.

Liam is our performance nutritionist, the owner of pHNutrition, the Nutritionist for Celtic Football Club and a registered member of the Sport and Exercise Nutrition register.

With over a decade of hands-on practice working with Tottenham Hotspur, FC Copenhagen, the Republic of Ireland National Football team and Fulham FC, he’s well placed to understand the importance of nutrition on performance.

More recently with pHNutrition he has understood the challenges of optimising nutrition across a wide section of society and developed plans for some of the countries top crossfit athletes and stars.

Liam’s ethos is all about simplifying nutrition in order to make optimal performance as achievable as possible.

He makes sure ZAAG keeps things proven, effective and simple and his mission, in tandem with ours, is to provide potent ways to improve your wellness without the need for umpteen pills or confusing literature.