The change agent.

The change agent.

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Developed in collaboration with world leading specialists.

29 vitamins, nootropics, adaptogens and amino acids.

Meticulously selected to improve your body’s adaptation response.


Equivalent to £2.00 per day and less than the price of a coffee, fancy bottle of water or daily commute.

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General Adaptation Syndrome

When we encounter stress, our body goes through three stages.

Reaction: we release hormones that cause our heart rate, blood pressure, breath rate and strength to rise. This is our body’s way of trying to help.

Resistance: Our body expects the stress to disappear relatively quickly. But it doesn’t. Our body continues to fortify itself against some kind of perceived threat, until…

Exhaustion: The tank’s completely empty at this point, which leads to a whole host of potential mental and physical issues that we’d all rather not have to deal with.

Why 6 months

A world-famous study by psychiatrists Thomas Holmes and Richard Rahe identified the link between ‘change’ and the type of stress that can affect wellness and health. They found that it can take between two to eight months to fully adapt to a new habit or lifestyle and when we tested that theory, most people told us that six-months was generally the length of time it took to complete their change.

You can read more about their ‘Readjustment Scale’ here.