Sometimes elusive little green men who call the stars their home can provide valuable insight into the way you live your life.

Today's one of those days.

Popularised by Chris Williamson, Alien’s Eye View is a thought exercise to determine what you value. 

Imagine that an alien visits Earth to study human behaviour. It sees how you spend every moment of each day, but it has no understanding of why you’re doing the things you do.

Run the past 24 hours through your head – or the past week. Solely accounting for your actions, what would an alien surmise about you? 

“Ultimately, if you say you value a thing, and yet your actions don’t move your world toward that thing, how can you say you value it?” - Chris

We like this exercise as it boots the self-experiencing narrative out of the equation. It doesn’t matter if you’re hungover, tired or upset.

Now you’ve done that, it’s a question of whether you’re happy with the alien’s judgement or if it’s a wake-up call to make a change.

Of course, intentions and thoughts have merit. But they’re perhaps more a direction than a movement.

Let’s face it, it’s just way easier to indicate a belief or interest than it is to exhibit one.

You could tell someone they can trust you or you can show them.

You can say “I’m really funny,” or you could tell a decent joke.

The road to hell is paved with good intentions.

As BoJack Horseman says, “I kind of think all you are is just the things that you do.”

With that in mind: What are you doing?

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